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Detective Opera Milky Holmes The Movie ~Milky Holmes’ Counterattack~
Opening Date : 04 December 2016
Cast : -
Director : -
Language : Japanese with English Subtitles
Genre : Animation / Comedy
Runtime : 70 mins
Rating : PG13 (Some Sexual Reference)
Even though they're clumsy, they're still lovable! "Milky Holmes" returns to the streets of Detective City Yokohama in their movie!

Of course, Milky Holmes consists of all four members! With full appearances by the Thieves Empire led by Arsène, and Genius 4 led by Akechi Kokoro! It's the penultimate collection of popular characters across the successive series! We have gathered the main staff of the first two seasons of the anime to work on the movie once more. This is the start of Milky Holmes' "counter-attack"!!!

The four members of Milky Holmes are away on a study trip. While soaking in a hot spring surrounded by monkeys, their relaxation is interrupted by the sounds of police sirens! The Thieves Empire has stolen the treasures that they were eyeing up until now. With Milky Holmes versus the Thieves Empire, both sides will wage an intense battle fully utilizing their magical abilities known as Toys! Furthermore with Genius 4 rushing in, a fierce three-way fight begins! But in the midst of that intense battle, a bolt of lightning strikes from the heavens!! Yet again, the lightning-struck Milky Holmes have lost their Toys once more...