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The Adventurers
δΎ η›—θ”η›Ÿ
Opening Date : 31 August 2017
Cast : Andy Lau, Shu Qi, Tony Yo-ning Yang, Zhang Jing Chu, Jean Reno
Director : Stephen Fung
Language : Mandarin with English & Chinese Subtitles
Genre : Action
Runtime : 107 mins
Rating : PG (Some Violence)
Sophisticated burglar Dan Zhang (Andy Lau) walks out of prison after a three-year term. Dan reunites with his wingman Po (Yo Yang), an expert in computer hacking and weaponry. They are soon joined by Red (Shu Qi), a beautiful and intelligent chameleon. The trio cleverly find their way into a star-studded charity auction and successfully steal priceless jewels under the surveillance of Pierre (Jean Reno), a hard-boiled French detective who sent Dan to jail three years earlier.
Dan goes to find help from his surrogate father Kong (Eric Tsang), an unscrupulous and ruthless crime boss who commissioned the heist. Kong assigns Dan a new mission.
Meanwhile, Pierre tracks down Amber (Zhang Jingchu), Dan’s girlfriend before he was sent to prison, and convinces her to help him find Dan.
From Cannes to Prague across the European continent, Dan and his team search for the jewels while playing a game of cat and mouse with Pierre. As the final confrontation ensues, Dan’s true agenda surfaces...