• Cast : Song Ji-hyo, Kim Moo-yul
  • Director : Sohn Won-pyung 
  • Genre : Thriller
  • Release : 23-07-2020
  • Running Time : 102 minutes
  • Language : Korean (Eng & Chi Sub)


A long-lost younger sister returns home after 25 years, but something is suspicious about her! Broken-hearted and traumatized from recently losing his wife in a car accident, Seo-jin, an architect, receives a call saying that his younger sister, Yu-jin, who had gone missing 25 years ago, has been found. Though Seo-jin is uncomfortable with Yu-jin, who warms up to him rather quickly, his parents welcome her with open arms. Since her return, strange things begin to happen to Seo-jin’s family. Suspicious of the changes, Seo-jin secretly trails Yu-jin and learns she is involved in the case that had turned his entire life upside down. The shocking truth unveiled after a perilous chase! The most intense mystery thriller of 2020!