• Cast : Emile Hirsch, Mel Gibson, David Zayas, Kate Bosworth
  • Director : Michael Polish 
  • Genre : Action
  • Release : 30-07-2020
  • Running Time : 99 minutes
  • Language : English


Fighting nature, greed, and the sweeping power of the past, two police officers find themselves in the eye of a dangerous storm in the action-drama FORCE OF NATURE. As a once-in-a-generation hurricane threatens Puerto Rico, a police officer (EMILE HIRSCH) trying to recover from a tragedy in New York, goes on evac duty with a new partner (STEFANIE CAYO). At an apartment complex, they arrive as a dangerous criminal called John the Baptist (DAVID ZAYAS) begins blasting bodies to get to a trove of priceless art worth $55 million. But when a cranky ex-cop (Oscar winner MEL GIBSON) and his daughter (KATE BOSWORTH) reluctantly enter the fray, the police find themselves ascending the building to maintain the high ground in a concrete death trap. As floodwaters rise, nothing but firepower and fierceness can survive this FORCE OF NATURE.

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