• Cast : Song Dai Wei,  , Wei Xi Di,  
  • Director : Wang Jing 
  • Genre :
  • Release : 02-10-2020
  • Running Time : 125 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin( Eng Sub)


Changfeng Town is located in an inconspicuous corner of China. The townspeople all know one another and are content with life. Airplanes often fly across the town, reminding people of an unknown outside world. Many things in this town exist in solitude - the cinema, the dentist’s office, the car repair shop, the newspaper office and the elementary school. The townspeople are unique and full of eccentricities. Each has a unique story: The domestic problem of the aimless redhead, the secret between the dentist and his son, the unrequited love of cinema ticket-seller Cai-Xia and the loneliness of the crippled Xi-Shan. A few mischievous boys wander in and out of these little stories, coinciding with the coming-of-age and departure of one of these boys. The film is divided into five intertwining chapters, always filled with joy and sadness but never without hope. [PART OF SINGAPORE CHINESE FILM FESTIVAL 2020] 长风镇是中国角落一个不起眼的小镇。镇上居民大多彼此相识,形成一个自给自足的生态系统。小镇上空每隔一段时间就会有飞机呼啸而过,提醒大家镇外未知世界的存在。 镇上很多东西都是唯一的:电影院、牙医诊所、汽修厂、报社、小学……镇上居民也多有些怪癖和畸零。镇上的小人物有各自的故事:无业少年红毛的爱情与家庭、诊所医生与儿子的秘密、电影院售票员彩霞的心事、汽修厂跛脚人喜山的孤独、镇长无所事事的一天。几个调皮的小男孩贯穿了这些不同人物的不同故事,故事结束于其中一个男孩离开长风镇。 人物与故事分为五组讲述,却并非毫无关联,它们在细节上紧密联系和呼应。故事有欢乐、有感伤,但毫不绝望。