• Cast : Ken Kai-Cheong Wong, Monte Kai-Him Cho, Louis Siu Cheung Yuen
  • Director : Toe Yuen  , Matthew  Chow 
  • Genre : Animated
  • Release : 03-10-2020
  • Running Time : 84 minutes
  • Language : Cantonese (Eng & Chi Sub)


In the late 19th century, Mack, a heroic outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor, is loved and respected by the people, but has long been a difficult case for the Yard. With the help of Sherlock, detective Gordon Gorilla Riller and Carlson Fox finally manages to catch Mack at his daughter Katie’s birthday party. But Sherlock is then reviled by the people for arresting their hero. Four years later, Mack fights with the notorious Scarface in prison, and then climbs over the wall to escape. While tracking down Mack, Sherlock discovers Mack’s heart-breaking reason behind his escape, and decides to let him fulfil his final wish before his voluntary surrender to the police. However, Scarface suddenly appears and kidnaps Katie. Sherlock and Watson team up with Gordon Gorilla Riller and Carlson Fox for the rescue. A battle of life and death unfolds! [PART OF SINGAPORE CHINESE FILM FESTIVAL 2020] 19世纪末,劫富济贫的侠盗马奇深受贫苦大众爱戴,却令苏格兰场疲于奔命。在福尔摩斯献计下,孖宝干探李大猩和狐格森布下天罗地网,终于在马奇私生女凯蒂的生日派对上将他擒获。福尔摩斯却遭到民众唾骂。四年后,马奇袭击狱中老大刀疤熊,并以神乎奇技的方法越过围墙逃走。福尔摩斯和华生穷追不舍,与马奇狭路相逢。原来马奇越狱另有苦衷,更承诺完成心愿后就会到警局自首。一心以为事情将告一段落的福尔摩斯,没想到螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后,刀疤熊竟突然出现,更剑指马奇爱女凯蒂!福尔摩斯等人为救无辜,只好联手对付刀疤熊。一场生死大决战在漫天花火中展开……