• Cast : Nil .
  • Director : Cheuk Cheung 
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Release : 10-10-2020
  • Running Time : 77 minutes
  • Language : Cantonese (Eng & Chi Sub)


Bamboo Theatre is a makeshift, open-air and bamboo shed theatre, which is built and fixed by plastic straps, without any heavy-duty materials. During festivities in Hong Kong’s villages, Chinese opera troupes are invited to perform ritualistic operas in the temporary theatre constructed in front of the temple, in order to express their gratitude to the Chinese gods they worship. Spirits and gods are the primary audiences. This film follows ritual practices in various villages and remote islands of Hong Kong for two years. It is the portrait of this traditional cultural space, its way of building and dismantling, also the collaborative work of troupes’ performers, stage managers and wardrobe. It allows the audience to observe multiple corners of the space, and the variety of ways in which people make use of it. [PART OF SINGAPORE CHINESE FILM FESTIVAL 2020] 戏棚,一座座以竹竿搭建而成的临时剧场,每年都会出现在香港不同的角落,渔村、乡镇、小岛与市区都有它们的筑迹。这早于一百五十年前已出现的文化场所,是香港独有保存的非物质文化遗产,集结戏棚搭建技艺、民间风俗与戏曲艺术于一身。 影片丰富纪录这文化场所出现的不同族群:戏棚师傅如何搭建容纳千人的剧场空间;乡民如何参与娱神娱人的酬神活动;剧团如何搬演一段段扣人心弦的戏曲表演。透过镜头,带着观众游走于他们当中,倾听他们的对话、了解他们的生活,感受这一座座戏棚蕴藏的魅力。