• Cast : Gerald Chew, Amy J Cheng, Sivakumar Palakrishnan , Rachel Wan, Matthew Loo
  • Director : Ming Siu Goh  , Scott C. Hillyard 
  • Genre : Horror
  • Release : 11-10-2020
  • Running Time : 96 minutes
  • Language : English, Malay, Cantonese (Eng & Chi Sub)


50-year-old Jim (Gerald Chew, Apprentice, Cannes Film Festival 2016 Un Certain Regard) loses his high-flying job in status-conscious Singapore, but his ego and pride compel him to hide this from his wife (Amy J Cheng, Crazy Rich Asians) and daughter. His only confidante is his best friend (Sivakumar Palakrishnan, A Yellow Bird, Cannes Film Festival 2016 Critics' Week). Desperately clinging onto the material symbols of his past success, he unlocks a hibernating malevolent force, with sinister roots in long-buried secrets. As his dream life crumbles around him, worlds collide, the lines between then and now become increasingly blurred, and Jim descends into a waking nightmare… Repossession is a bold, genre-bending film, with an ever-evolving, haunting soundscape from Golden Horse Award-winning composer Teo Wei Yong (A Land Imagined). [PART OF SINGAPORE CHINESE FILM FESTIVAL 2020] 50岁的新加坡男子吉姆(周光炎饰,《徒刑》,第69届坎城影展一种注目单元)突然失去了高薪的白领工作,但自负骄傲的他选择对妻子(郑花如饰,《疯狂富豪》)和女儿隐瞒这个残酷的事实,而他只能向好友维诺德(希瓦库马尔·帕拉克里斯南饰,《一只黄鸟》,第69屆坎城影展国际影评人周)倾诉心声。生活在这座功利的城市里,吉姆放不下得之不易的成功,埋藏于内心深处的骇人秘密开始释放一股蛰伏已久的邪恶力量。他精心打造的美满人生濒临崩溃,身心灵交错跌宕,现在与过去的界线交叠、渐显模糊,致使他身处梦魇之中…… 《夺还》大胆地颠覆了电影传统体裁模式,其诡异、多变的配乐是由2019年金马奖最佳原创音乐奖得主张伟勇创作。