• Cast : Lu Hsueh-feng, Zhang Xiao-xiong , Li Meng, Li Ying-chuan, Lin Yu-chang, Liu Cheng-en, Su Chun-chung
  • Director : Chang Tso-chi 
  • Genre : Family
  • Release : 11-10-2020
  • Running Time : 116 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin, Hokkien (Eng Sub)


There are many problems in the Zhang family, but one eventful summer changes many things. Zhang Junxiong is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and his condition weighs heavily on his wife Wang Feng and the rest of the family. Feng has mixed feelings about Jun-Xiong’s memory loss, in hope that he might forget his lover in the army. Meanwhile, their daughter, Xiao Meng, is released on parole from a long prison term and struggles to reconnect with her illegitimate son, Ah Chuan, and her loose-cannon ex-boyfriend, Ah Wen. When Cheng-An who served in the army with Jun-Xiong, visits the family, it makes Feng suspicious of whether Jun-Xiong really forgets about the past romance. Feng doesn’t want this past secret discovered by his daughter and grandson, but she also cannot relieve the pain from this forbidden secret. [PART OF SINGAPORE CHINESE FILM FESTIVAL 2020] 六年前,小梦替男友阿文顶罪入狱,好不容易从漫长刑期中假释出来,迎接她的,却是一个完全陌生的家:父亲张军雄被诊断有失智症,有时会记不得她;母亲王凤为这个家燃尽青春,气愤她恨铁不成钢。入狱时仍在襁褓的儿子阿全,完全不认识她。而最令她伤心的是,昔日男友阿文早已移情别恋…… 父亲的生日到了,昔日部队友人成恩突然上门造访,带来的虽是成恩母亲的病重消息,透露的却是张军雄不为外人知的秘密:一直钟爱成恩的他,最终还是选择了自己的家。当张军雄决定去探望成恩的母亲时,这趟看似访友、实则寻爱的旅程,终让浪掷青春、枯等一生的王凤,陷入了崩溃边缘;再加上小梦与男友阿文深陷泥淖的爱情,一场家庭风暴正悄悄上演……