• Cast : Various ., Various .
  • Director :
  • Genre : Other
  • Release : 10-10-2020
  • Running Time : 82 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin, Hokkien (Eng & Chi Sub)


These five short films are variously from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore. What did the uncle in Kua Bo see that made everyone unhappy? What is the difference between a person’s exterior and internal qualities in Shanghai Man Woman? What did the father and son see in Coffin? How does one resolve the tension between a visible duty and an internal struggle in Lucky Draw? And what can you “see” in that bowl of porridge in 3 Generations 3 Days? [PART OF SINGAPORE CHINESE FILM FESTIVAL 2020] Featuring 看呒 Kua Bo by ANG Qing Sheng 洪清盛 海上男女 Shanghai Man Woman by YUAN Daowu 袁道武 木棺 Coffin by YANG Can 杨灿 大吉 Lucky Draw by CHIN Chia-Hua 靳家驊 红枣薏米花生 3 Generations 3 Days by CHU Hoi-ying 朱凱濙 For more details, please visit the SCFF website. https://scff.sg/featured_item/chinese-shortcuts-can-you-see-it/ Join the Q&A session on Sat 10 Oct 2020, 9.30pm. Look out for Q&A updates on SCFF Facebook.