• Cast : Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei, Chen He
  • Director :
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Release : 01-04-2021
  • Running Time : 128 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin (Eng & Chi Sub)


The All Time No. 1 Comedy in China. University student Jia Xiaoling is absolutely shattered after hearing that her mother has passed away in an accident. Xiaoling blames herself for not being a good daughter. In a state of emotional crisis, she finds herself magically transported back in time to 1981, where she meets a younger version of her mother, Li Huanying. The two quickly become inseparable, like best friends. Xiaoling is determined to improve her mother’s life by using insights from the future, but her plans repeatedly go awry. She soon finds herself making changes that could prove costly.