• Cast : Junaidi Sali, Lizzie V., Fir Rahman, Kamariah Osman, Najib Aziz, Haizad Imram, Surya Rahmanty, Emma Adora, Mahathir Abdullah, Zamair Ibrahim, Zxazxa Wee, Hilmi Daniel
  • Director : Remi M Sali 
  • Genre : Supernatural
  • Release : 17-06-2021
  • Running Time : 109 minutes
  • Language : Malay & English (Eng & Chi Sub)


Inspired by actual events, Konpaku tells the story of forbidden love between a Malay-Muslim man and a sensual Japanese succubus. Haqim's life is at a standstill, having lost his girlfriend to his best pal. A chance encounter with the sensual Japanese girl Midori, rekindles his faith in love. Their growing passion takes on a sinister twist, when strange incidents befall those close to him. This forces Haqim to grapple with the truth that Midori's love comes at a deadly price. Meaning 'soul' in Japanese, Konpaku challenges the concept of love, within the confines of one's faith and sexuality.