• Cast : Esther Liu, Ming-hsiang Tung, River Huang
  • Director : Hen Yung-chi 
  • Genre : Drama
  • Release : 08-05-2021
  • Running Time : 83 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin (Eng and Chi Sub)


While teaching prison inmates how to paint, middle-aged artist HSU Pao-ching discovers the beautiful abstract paintings of imprisoned youth CHOU Cheng-ting. Hsu arranges an exhibition for others to appreciate Chou’s astonishing work, only to receive furious backlash from the public, who cannot forget the terrible murders for which Chou was convicted. Unable to understand why others cannot see the objective beauty of the art, Hsu investigates Chou’s past, leading him to a mysterious painting that may be the source of the killer’s inspiration. Writer-director CHEN Yung-chi explores the morally complex relationship between art, the artist, and the viewer in this compelling and provocative thriller. Awards Taipei Film Festival 2020: Nominated for the International New Talent Competition Selected for the 2019 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion WIP