• Cast : Bryan Chang, Michelle Chen, Rhydian Vaughan
  • Director : Gavin Lin 
  • Genre : Drama
  • Release : 06-05-2021
  • Running Time : 94 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin


Ah Cheng (played by Bryan Chang) and Ah Zhi (played by Rhydian Vaughan) were both roommates and best friends in college. In a school performance, Ah Cheng fell in love with a beautiful girl Xiaoya (played by Michelle Chen) from the guitar club at first sight. Being a good friend, Ah Zhi vowed to help Ah Cheng to win Xiaoya's heart. However, when Ah Cheng finally got together with Xiaoya, Ah Zhi disappeared.. After graduating from university, Ah Cheng married Xiaoya and started his own business. A few years later, Ah Cheng's company faced a crisis of bankruptcy due to a lack of funds. He went around to raise funds and even tried to sell Xiaoya's cake shop which she has worked hard for. This crisis has put their relationship to test. Unexpectedly, Ah Zhi appeared and he is willing to give 10 million to Ah Cheng. The price was: Xiaoya to accompany him to go on an overseas trip! Ah Cheng was moved by this absurd request! Seeing that Ah Cheng doesn't care about her feelings, Xiaoya frustratedly followed Ah Zhi on a trip abroad.