• Cast : Hu Xianxu , Deng Enxi, Zheng Wei, Hsi-Sheng Chen, Dai Lele
  • Director : Cheng Fenfen 
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Release : 22-07-2021
  • Running Time : 105 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin (Eng & Chi Sub)


Yang Tingfeng and Yang Tingyu are brother and sister. The Yang family lives an unpeaceful life, and became even more turbulent after a new family member: Li Sheng, the son of their stepfather Uncle Li joined in. Faced with the uninvited guest of Li Sheng, Tingyu felt quite unpleasant, but Tingfeng quickly became inseparable brothers with LI Sheng. Tingyu is anxious that this "fake brother" took away her "true brother". At the same time, the relationship between their mother and Uncle Li also encountered problems, and the reorganized family was in danger of falling apart.