• Cast : Ploy Sornnarin, Ja Sutida Kiatkitcharoen, Nattasit Kotimanuswanich, Ong Thana Tantranont
  • Director : Manussanun Pongsuwan 
  • Genre : Horror
  • Release : 07-03-2019
  • Running Time : 81 minutes
  • Language : THAI


When the picture of a ghost becomes viral, death will soon follow... After winning in an augmented reality game, a young girl found herself ended up in an abandoned building. Without any regards, she took a picture to commemorate her winning. When she returns home, she realized that there was another ‘girl’ in the picture she took earlier however, she was alone. Soon, she starts seeing the mysterious ‘girl’ and it keeps haunting her. She sent the photo to her friends seeking for their help to find out the identity of the mysterious ‘girl’ in her picture. And everyone who received the picture is also haunted by the mysterious ‘girl’ in the picture… Words begin to spread about the haunted picture, and nobody can get away from this.