Back to the Wharf

Film Details
Director: Xiaofeng LI
Cast: Yu ZHANG, Jia SONG, Yanhui WANG, Hong-Chi LEE, Enxi DENG, Jin CHEN
Genre: Drama
Rated: M18 - Sexual Scene and Some Violence
Language: In Mandarin with English Subtitles

Song Hao is an 18-year-old high school student with a promising future when he is erroneously found guilty of homicide. He flees town and lives as a fugitive for 15 years before returning for his mother’s funeral. Against the odds, he enters into a relationship, and forges tentative bonds with his father. Deep down, however, he knows that he must confront and acknowledge the past. To understand what happened that fateful day becomes his only hope for a brighter future. This compelling tale reveals something rotten at the heart of modern China.

The 23rd Shanghai Film Festival Golden Goblet Award Official Selection

Back To The Wharf will be showing at Filmgarde Bugis+ on 1st May 2021. Book your tickets here.