Wisdom Tooth

Film Details
Director: LIANG Ming
Cast: Celeste LV, WU Xiaoliang, WANG Jiajia, WANG Weishen
Genre: Drama
Rated: NC16 - Sexual Scenes and Some Coarse Language
Language: In Mandarin with English and Chinese Subtitles

Young adult Guxi lives with her half-brother Guliang in a somewhat depressing fishing village. They have a good life, almost like a couple. She is a maid at a hotel, he fishes. When an oil spill threatens their income, a friend gets Guliang work and he meets the attractive Qingchang. She brings fun, adventure, and a hint of luxury to their lives, but also causes unrest. Her father is a mob boss and Guxi has trouble with the budding romance. Things come to a head when a fisherman dies at sea under suspicious circumstances.

The 44th Hong Kong International Film Festival: Young Cinema Competition (Chinese Language) Awards for Best Director, Best Actor
The 3rd Pingyao International Film Festival: Feimu Awards for Best Director, Roberto Rossellini Awards Jury Award

There wlll be a Q&A session with Filmmaker after the screening.

Wisdom Tooth will be showing at Filmgarde Bugis+ on 9th May 2021. Book your tickets here.