• Cast : Tender Huang, Tseng Wan Ting, Troy Liu, Regina Lei, Huang Guan Zhi, 
  • Director : Philip Shih 
  • Genre : Horror
  • Release : 31-08-2023
  • Running Time : 95 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin (Eng & Chi Sub)


Ah Dai comes from a family that runs a prestigious orthodox temple. His childhood sweetheart, Yufan, is desperate to locate her missing aunt. In his attempt to help, Ah Dai agrees to participate in a special ritual that his schoolmates believe could help them seek help from the gods to grant their desires. However, they are lured into praying to the evil forces. As his schoolmates die one after another, Ah Dai tries to use his gift to exorcise evil to save his friends. At the very end, he faces a completely demonized Yufan and must fight her to save the neighbourhood from the evil forces. 宫庙少年阿呆为帮助青梅竹马王羽凡找回失踪的姑姑,伙同社团成员烧八字请神 明降身化劫,却意外误触阴庙邪灵,成员陆续中邪惨死,有驱魔能力的他挺身阻 止,对抗被魔降身的王羽凡和一股将全镇拉进死亡深渊的邪恶力量。