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About Us

Filmgarde is proudly a Singapore brand. Since its establishment in 2007, it has established itself as a keen supporter of the local film industry, screening and supporting a popular and eclectic mix of mainstream international blockbusters and independent local and foreign films, including exclusive releases of critically acclaimed films by Singapore and Asian filmmakers. It is also a supporter of various arts and culture programmes and initiatives.

It is at the forefront of Cinematic Technology in Singapore to present audiences with an unparalleled movie-going experience. Filmgarde is the first Cineplex in Asia and Singapore to be fully fitted with the Next Generation Format of Immersive Sound in Cinema: AuroMax® by Auro Technologies and Barco. It is also the first Cineplex in Singapore to launch a Bilingual Cinema Website Platform and Self-service Ticketing Kiosk in 2018 and the first also to introduce the Family Seat, an exclusive design that it specially designed and customized.