Type of Tickets



Monday - Wednesday (All Sessions)



Thursday (All Sessions)



Friday - Sunday and Eve of PH (All Sessions)



Monday - Thursday (Sneak Previews)



Monday - Thursday (First Week Titles)



Senior Citizens (Monday - Friday for Sessions before 6pm)*



Students (Monday – Friday for Sessions before 6pm)^



*Terms and Conditions for Senior Citizen Tickets:

  • $5.00 for sessions before 6pm
  • Not valid on Eve of Public Holidays & Public Holidays.
  • Patrons have to be Singaporeans aged 55 and above to be eligible for Senior Citizen rates.
  • Please produce a valid photo ID for verification, without proper identification, normal rates will apply.
  • Each senior citizen is entitled to 1 discounted ticket per photo ID presented as proof of age.
  • This promotion is only valid for same-day ticket purchase.
  • Not valid with any other promotions, vouchers and passes.

^Terms and Conditions for Student Tickets:

  • $7.00 for sessions before 6pm
  • Not valid on Eve of Public Holidays & Public Holidays.
  • Please produce a valid photo ID for verification, without proper identification, normal rates will apply.
  • Each student is entitled to 1 discounted ticket per photo ID presented as proof of age.
  • This promotion is only valid for same-day ticket purchase.
  • Not valid with any other promotions, vouchers and passes.

  • G General.
  • PG Parental Guidance.
  • PG13 Suitable for persons aged 13 and above but parental guidance is advised for children below 13.
  • NC16 Not for Children below 16 years of age.
  • M18 Mature audiences aged 18 years and above only.
  • R21 Restricted to audiences aged 21 years and above only.

For more information on the new rating system implemented by the Media Development Authority, please visit http://www.mda.gov.sg/RegulationsAndLicensing/ContentStandardsAndClassification/FilmsAndVideos/Pages/default.aspx

Accordance with the Singapore law, Filmgarde Cineplex is required to verify the age of our customers and to refuse admission to anyone who is below the minimum age required by the relevant classification. Please kindly check the film rating classification prior to the purchase of your tickets.

Not all films are subtitled. Please refer to the film information as listed on our website or approach our Customer Service Team at the Box Office for more information.

  • No entry/re-entry without proof of valid movie ticket.
  • Valid Photo Identification is required for Rated Movies.
  • Children above the height of 90cm require a valid/paid admission movie ticket.
  • No photography or video or voice recording within the premises at all times.
  • No use of laser light or any light-emitting/flashing devices and equipment.
  • All personal mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets are to be switched off, or turned to silent mode.
  • Strictly no outside food or drinks are allowed.
  • No smoking is allowed within the premises.
  • No unauthorized or contraband items allowed within the premises.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • No use of skates, skateboards, scooters, or PMD within the premises.
  • No trespassing at all times.
  • Premises are under 24 hour CCTV surveillance.
Yes, as long as your child is above the height of 90cm (0.9m), he / she will require a movie ticket. Children below the above mentioned height can enter for free, but will not be entitled to their own seat.
All our cinemas have full wheelchair accessibility. Please approach our Box Office staff for further assistance.

Customers are advised to purchase Filmgarde movie tickets only via our official Filmgarde website, our Filmgarde mobile app and/or directly from our Cinema Box Office.

Please do not purchase tickets via 3rd party websites or apps as Filmgarde has not licensed or authorised any such platforms or parties to sell tickets on its behalf. 

Please kindly note that Filmgarde will not be responsible for any refunds, exchanges, claims, errors, losses arising from any purchases from such unauthorised channels and platforms.

The new movie week begins every Thursday and ends the following Wednesday. Session timings will be updated on Wednesday, before the start of every new movie week.

Please note that Filmgarde Cineplex does not provide its movie schedules to any third party websites.

By Wednesday, you should be able to purchase tickets for the forthcoming movie week. In exceptional circumstances, such as a major release, more advance booking will be made available.

We currently accept Visa and Mastercard for both online and Box Office transactions. We also accept payment in Cash at our Box Office.

There is a non-refundable booking fee of S$1.50 per confirmed transaction.

Yes. You may select your seats online via your online booking or at our Box Office. Seat selection is subject to availability and we strongly recommend that you book your movie tickets as early as possible.

For online movie ticket purchase, you will receive an email with a QR Code confirmation of your booking. There is no need to collect tickets at the Box Office. Just simply present this email and QR Code at the ticket-checking/usher point to scan for entry into the designated hall for your booking. Please note that photo verification may be required for movies with ratings.

You will be charged once the transaction is confirmed.

No cancellations, exchanges, or refunds will be allowed once the order is confirmed, and paid for by the customer.

3D technology enhances the illusion of depth perception, making visuals “come alive” on the screen. Be prepared to be transported into the magical movie world of stunning effects!

Yes, the 3D glasses are a one-size-fits-all design.

Patrons who feel ill should remove their 3D glasses and close their eyes as this helps to alleviate the queasy feeling. If the problem persists, please leave the hall and approach the usher stationed outside the hall for assistance.

Please kindly contact us at marketing@filmgarde.com.sg with your booking details (including booking reference if you have it) as soon as possible so that we may verify the status of your purchase. For weekend or urgent enquiries, please kindly head down to the Box Office of the particular cinema that you have booked at for assistance.

Alternatively, you can use our Check Booking function on our website to check for your booking. If you have the booking reference to your booking, you can head down to the Box Office of the particular cinema and inform our friendly staff about it. They will be able to retrieve the booking for you.

Please ensure that you have a stable network connection when purchasing your tickets online or from our App. Any unstable connection may result in a disruption of your transaction leading to you not receiving a confirmation even if the transaction has gone through. In such instances, we would strongly recommend that you contact us at marketing@filmgarde.com.sg to verify your purchase, or for weekend and urgent enquiries, to head down to the Box Office for direct assistance. We recommend to verify your purchase prior to making another booking as this may lead to a double transaction.

i) Can cinema patrons sit together?

Current seating configuration within Filmgarde cinema halls are based on pair or single seating with at least 1 metre safe distancing between groups of patrons. 

ii) Are patrons supposed to put on masks at all times during the movie? Can they eat during the movie?

Dining-in at cinemas will be allowed to resume for patrons seated in Fully Vaccinated Halls from 19 August 2021. Cinema patrons must keep their masks on at all times except while eating or drinking.  

iii) What are the hygience practices the cinemas are undertaking as part of the reopening?

Cinemas will cater additional time for cleaning of halls after every screening. There will be increased cleaning and disinfection of high touch point areas e.g. service counters, toilets, ticketing machines etc.

We have also disinfected all cinema surfaces with anti microbial coating, including all cinema halls, seats, door handles etc. 

Professional Grade UV Air sanitizers have been installed in all cinemas as well. 

Introduction of Fully Vaccinated Halls 

i) What is a Fully Vaccinated Hall?

From 22 November 2021, in line with guidelines from the Singapore Ministry of Health, Filmgarde Cineplexes will increase seating capacity in selected hall/s termed ‘Fully Vaccinated Hall’ to allow up to 1000 fully vaccinated patrons to be seated together in groups of up to 5 persons with at least 1m safe distancing between groups of patrons. Each group may comprise of distinct individuals from multiple bookings.

ii) Are there any pre-requisites to enjoy a movie in a Fully Vaccinated Hall?

As per prevailing guidelines by Singapore Ministry of Health, entry into cinemas are restricted to individuals with a cleared status only and these individuals include:
A) Patrons who have completed the 2 doses of Pfizer - BioNTech/Comirnaty, Moderna or WHO EUL vaccines such as Sinovac-CoronaVac, Sinopharm and AstraZeneca vaccination regime 14 days prior to the movie screening, and show proof of vaccination status to access our Fully Vaccinated Halls.
B) People who are fully vaccinated, recovered from COVID within the last 180 days after infection, or medically ineligible for COVID vaccines with valid proof.

Filmgarde Cineplexes reserves the right to refuse entry to any patron/s who fail to meet the above requirements.

iii) Can I consume Food & Beverages within the Fully Vaccinated Hall?

Yes, customers may purchase and consume food and beverages within the hall. Customers must put on their mask at all times except when consuming food and beverages.

iv) Can I bring my child for a movie in a Fully Vaccinated Hall?

Group of up to 5 persons consisting of children (12 years old and below, born in and after 2009), from the same household and accompanying fully vaccinated individuals may enter the Fully Vaccinated Hall.

v) How do I purchase tickets to a movie screening in a Fully Vaccinated Hall?

Tickets to movie/s screening in a Fully Vaccinated Hall are available for purchase on all Filmgarde Cineplexes ticketing platforms.

vi) How do I prove that I have completed the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty, Moderna or WHO EUL vaccines such as Sinovac-CoronaVac, Sinopharm, and AstraZeneca vaccination regime 14 days prior to my movie screening?

Patrons will be required to present proof of vaccination either via the Tracetogether/SafeEntry/Healthhub App or Physical vaccination card during admission.


For the comprehensive FAQs for Cinema Operators released by IMDA, please visit https://www.imda.gov.sg/news-and-events/Media-Room/Media-Releases/2020/Advisories-on-COVID-19-Situation