• Cast : Mark Lee, Henry Thia
  • Director : Jack Neo 
  • Genre : Comedy , Drama
  • Release : 01-02-2024
  • Running Time : 138 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin (Eng & Chi Sub)


Ah Hui, Ah Qiang and Ah Huang are long-time buddies. Ah Hui, a man without big ambitions and his dominating Hui-sao, hope that their son – Roy, who has just completed his national service, will take over the family’s porridge shop. However, with Roy’s refusal, the couple is looking forward to sell their shop and retire. Ah Qiang used to be a successful entrepreneur before the pandemic. Ever since his business failed, he earns a living as a Private-hire driver. He often laments to his wife, embodying the typical struggle of someone in mid-life crisis. Ah Qiang and Qiang-sao also worries for their son – Ian, who seems to be lazing around and not actively seeking employment. A single parent, Ah Huang is compassionate and always ready to help any friends in need despite his modest income. Together with his daughter – Kim, who just joined the workforce, the two find joy in each other’s company and weather through challenges they each face at work. In this rapidly evolving digital age, the three families soon find themselves in predicaments, will their changing values and attitudes towards money ruin their bond? Is money truly the devil?