• Cast : Andy Lau
  • Director : Ning Hao 
  • Genre : Drama , Comedy
  • Release : 10-02-2024
  • Running Time : 127 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin (Eng & Chi Sub)


Hong Kong movie star Lau Wai-chi (Andy Lau) misses out on the Hong Kong film awards again. Reflecting on his declining popularity, he starts creating tribute videos, but it feels like a desperate attempt to regain his stardom. He decides he needs to make a comeback through a new film. He contacts Chinese director Lin Hao (Ning Hao), known for his authentic and gritty filmmaking, to star in a film set in the countryside. Believing that this will be the key to restoring his career to its former glory. Lau Wai-chi is determined to challenge himself by portraying an ordinary farmer. A role far removed from his usual glamorous characters. But used to a life of luxury and privilege, he finds it challenging to connect with the common people and villagers, who have a lower social status. He also struggles to bridge the gap with women in the village.To succeed in his new role, he immerses himself in the lives of the villagers, learning how they live and speak. However, his arrogance and vanity are immediately evident to the locals, and they don't take kindly to his presence. If he manages to genuinely put aside his vanity and prejudice, will he be given another chance?