• Cast : Selena Tan, Terence Cao, Joseph Ng, Zhou Yu Chen, Goh Wee-Ann, Camans Kong, Jae Liew, Hu Jing, Collin Chee, Patricia Mok, Xixi Lim, Glenn Yong
  • Director : Jack Neo 
  • Genre : Comedy , Drama
  • Release : 06-06-2024
  • Running Time : 132 minutes
  • Language : Mandarin (Eng & Chi Sub)


"Top schools? 4D? Afraid of losing? Scoring 100 marks?" These words are constantly heard throughout a child's academic journey. As sixth grade PSLE approaches, Mom Wen Ting launches various "guaranteed success" strategies, forcing Zi Hao to study round the clock. Ignoring all the devilish tuition methods, can the child bear it? Zi Hao's improvement in grades causes discontent for academic ace Jayden and Mom Sophia. Sophia pressures her child, sparking a "fight for first place" battle. Memorizing dictionaries, novels, anything to secure the top spot, they'll do whatever it takes. With the major exam looming, is the ruthless pursuit of victory truly "For your own good"? Under the pressure from both mothers, will the children achieve their wishes? Two happy families, embroiled in academic success, face an impending crisis, ready to erupt at any moment...