Director: Erige Sehiri
Cast: Fide Fdhili, Feten Fdhili, Ameni Fdhili, Samar Sifi
Run Time: 92mins
Rating: PG
Language: Arabic (with English subtitles)

Screening Details: 25 Nov 2022, 9.30pm, FG Kallang Hall 3

In a remote fig orchard during the Tunisian summer, workers, many of them teenagers, undertake the laborious, meticulous task of fig-picking. As a respite from the tedium of work, the women flirt with the men while trading secrets and stories among themselves. Under the trees and away from their employer’s surveillance, the women navigate generational conflict and forge honest connections.
Unfolding over the course of a day, the workers’ interactions reveal rich emotions and hint at gender tensions in a patriarchal society. Under the Fig Trees explores universal experiences of young love, female friendship and family ties, offering an intimate coming-of-age drama that centres the experiences of young women.

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