A Yang Pingdao Film

Film Details
Director: YANG Pingdao
Cast: YANG Pingdao, JIN Lingmin, CUI Mengjue, CHEN Jie
Genre: Drama
Rated: PG13 - Some Coarse Language and Sexual References
Language: In Mandarin, Cantonese with English and Chinese Subtitles

During the typhoon season in southern China, a middle-aged film director Yang Pingdao suspects his wife is having an affair. He attempts to follow his wife in secret with the help of a young female intern to gather evidence. Ironically, he begins to have feelings for the intern. As the journey continues, the female intern is still not sure what is happening. Perhaps the whole plot is an act for A Yang Pingdao Film, and maybe without her knowledge, she has actually been one of the characters from the start.

2020 South Taiwan Film Festival Best Feature Film Award
The 2nd Pingyao International Film Festival: Work-In-Progress Lab Wings Project Award

A Yang Pingdao Film will be showing at Filmgarde Bugis+ on 8th May 2021. Book your tickets here